Installing a Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Update:01 Nov 2022

Installing a Clean Room Sandwich Panel A clean room san […]

Installing a Clean Room Sandwich Panel
A clean room sandwich panel is made of steel and other durable materials. These materials provide exceptional mechanical strength and resistance to harmful chemicals and other environmental elements. The panels are designed to keep cleanroom equipment and experiments safe from damage. They also have excellent self-cleaning properties. You can rely on the superior quality of cleanroom sandwich panels for your next cleanroom experiment or equipment.

Clean room sandwich panels are ideal for cleanrooms, including food, pharmaceutical, and aerospace cleanrooms. They're made from highly durable materials and can be customised to fit specific requirements. They can also be used to provide noise reduction and insulation, while ensuring the best level of fire protection. A clean room sandwich panel can be installed in virtually any type of cleanroom and is very easy to install. They can also be transported and stored easily.

Clean Room Sandwich Panels are designed to meet ISO cleanliness standards and can be constructed of various materials. They are made of smooth, non-permeable surfaces that reduce the risk of secondary contamination. A cleanroom sandwich panel is usually made of stainless steel or a protective transparent plastic to prevent cuts and damage. It can also control temperature and resist microbial growth.

When installing a clean room sandwich panel, it is essential to follow the installation guidelines to ensure the highest level of quality. For example, the perpendicular deviation must not be greater than 0.15%. A U-slot should be drilled into the base of the panel and M8 expansion bolts should be used to secure it. The spacing between the bolts should be approximately 500 mm apart. Another feature to look for in a clean room sandwich panel is its flexural capacity, whose higher the value the higher its serviceability.

Cleanroom sandwich panels are easy to install. They're weather-resistant and easy to relocate or upgrade. In addition, they can save up to 20% of your investment costs. They're also 40% lighter than conventional building materials, which makes them easier to consolidate foundations and reduce beams and columns. They're also much more convenient for the interior layout. The cleanroom sandwich panel is easy to install, and it's very easy to move or replace if necessary.

Clean Room Sandwich Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally. You should consider anti-cracking measures at the intersection between the ceiling and the wall plate. Using round corners on the wall film is also recommended, and the mask should be intact before tearing it off. In addition, you should choose a color that matches the wall. You can even choose a custom design of cleanroom wall partitions.

In addition to being an excellent option for a clean room, polyurethane sandwich panels can be used for other purposes, such as wall construction, cold room insulation, and car refrigerators. Because they're insulated, they are very durable and fire-resistant. They can even withstand earthquakes! They're also lightweight, so they can bridge wide spans without the worry of breaking. It's important to choose a product that meets your needs, as they may differ from those of your competitors.


Structurer: Sandwich, 3 Layers

Surface Material: Stainless Steel 304

Thickness of Steel Sheet: 0.30mm-1.0mm

Core Material: PU/ Rockwool/ MgO/EPS


Fire smoke toxicity: No VOCs

Zero Formaldehyde Emission

Width:950mm/1150mm, Length: customizable not exceed 10meters.

Advantage: No-dust accumulation and Self-clean, Water resistant, high strength& durable, Eco-friend.