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Update:24 Oct 2022

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Air Shower Features - Air Shower Manufacturer

What are the characteristics of the air shower room?

Features of the air shower room <1> The air shower room is a necessary channel for people or materials to enter and exit the clean area, and it plays the role of an airlock closed clean room.


The characteristics of the air shower room <2>, can reduce the pollution problems caused by entering and leaving the clean area, through the high-efficiency filter to spray high-speed clean air, the clean wind speed can reach a super strong wind speed of 25m/s~32m/s, effectively and quickly. Remove dust particles and bacteria from unclean areas from personal clothing or materials.


The characteristics of the air shower room <3>, are to prevent the staff from bringing hair, dust, and bacteria into the clean workshop, to meet the strict dust-free purification standards of the workplace, and to produce high-quality products.


Features of the air shower room <four>, human technology: intelligent programmable control, double-door electronic interlock, infrared induction shower, clear indicator light, emergency stop switch, reflecting stronger professionalism, convenience, and safety.


The air shower room is a highly versatile local purification equipment that is used to blow off the dust attached to the surface of the human body and the carried items that enter the purification area, and at the same time can act as an airlock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area.

The air shower room has air shower series for human use and wide channel air shower series for objects; the blowing method includes single-side blowing, double-side blowing, top blowing, and other combinations; the air shower door includes manual door, automatic sliding door and Various options such as interlocking. Material choices are steel plate spray and stainless steel.

working principle:

The clean air flow filtered by the high-efficiency filter is sprayed on the person from all directions by the rotatable nozzle, thereby effectively and quickly removing dust particles. The cleaned dust particles are filtered through primary and high-efficiency filters and recirculated to the air shower area.

basic configuration:

1. Material of the air shower room: The outer box and inner wall are made of high-quality cold plate spraying or stainless steel, which has the effect of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

2. Purification level: static 1000 level.

3. Double-layer filtration system: adopts plate-type primary filter and partition-type high-efficiency filter to ensure the purification level.

4. Advanced programming circuit control, automatic infrared induction blowing.

5. Adjustable stainless steel nozzles are durable; the handle and floor of the air shower room are made of wear-resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel plates.

6. Use a dedicated fan for high air volume and low noise air shower room.

7. Various non-standard air shower sizes can be customized according to different site sizes, and the finished products can be assembled and transported.

Optional accessories:

1. Access control system, 2. Automatic door system, 3. Ultra high-efficiency filter, 4. Anti-static device, 5. Self-cleaning function, 6. Door opening delay