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Wujiang Perfect Clean Tech was established in 2006, which is China Pass Box Manufacturers and Pass Through Box Factory. our more than 10 years' manufacturing and marketing experience and more than 100 finished cleanroom EPC projects, we have become a clean room total solution provider and technology upgrader, from manufacturing and marketing cleanroom panels and related products to pre-design/installation/commissioning/verification of Cleanrooms, we have built strong and special eco-system for pharmaceutical-chemical-food-electronics industries which needs perfect cleanrooms.

The window frame is made of steel or aluminum, which can ensure that the window is strong and durable. Double layer gravity-bonded glass ensures excellent thermal insulation and keeps out external factors effectively. The surface coating is provided by an anti-static polyester resin, which has good anti-impact ability and is not easy to corrode; Blue, milk white and grey colors can be chosen. There are different connection types such as connecting with modular panel or connecting with normal panel. And the size of our product is 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1500x1500mm (Customizable). The specifications are suitable for different customers' needs.