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Wujiang Perfect Clean Tech was established in 2006, which is China Automatic Sink Manufacturers and Automatic Sink Factory. our more than 10 years' manufacturing and marketing experience and more than 100 finished cleanroom EPC projects, we have become a clean room total solution provider and technology upgrader, from manufacturing and marketing cleanroom panels and related products to pre-design/installation/commissioning/verification of Cleanrooms, we have built strong and special eco-system for pharmaceutical-chemical-food-electronics industries which needs perfect cleanrooms.

An automatic sink is a type of sink that uses sensors or buttons to activate the water flow, rather than manual faucets. This can help to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, as the user does not need to touch the faucet handles to turn the water on and off. Automatic sinks are often found in public restrooms, healthcare facilities, and other high-traffic areas where hygiene is a concern. They can also be more efficient in water usage, as they typically have a set time for the water to flow and then automatically shut off.