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Printing Packaging Cleanroom

Printing Packaging Cleanroom

A cleanroom is a controlled environment where pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles are filtered out in order to provide the cleanest area possible. Most cleanrooms are used for manufacturing products such as electronics, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment.

Cleanroom Classifications:Printing Packaging Cleanroom

Take packaging printing factory as an example, if you can reach 100,000 class clean room standards, the quality of the product can be significantly improved. Life needs to use a variety of packaging bags, traditional packaging materials are mostly offset printing method, there are certain defects, flexographic printing has developed rapidly in recent years, in foreign countries has been recognized as a 'most excellent and promising printing methods. Flexographic printing, is a prerequisite for the production of good quality packaging materials. In order to achieve flexographic printing, the workshop shall be made to meet the standard of 100,000-grade dust-free purification workshop to prevent and control dust, bacteria and other interference with printing, and to achieve constant temperature and pressure to create a good working environment and improve the quality of printed products, qualified rate.

Staff enter and leave through airlocks (sometimes including an air shower stage), and wear protective clothing such as hoods, face masks, gloves, boots, and coveralls. This is to minimize the carrying of particulate by the person moving into the cleanroom.

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Wujiang Perfect Clean Tech was established in 2006, which is a China Printing Packaging Cleanroom company focus on products where cleanroom is required like industries of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and electronics. We have been immersed into the Cleanroom industries for more than 15 years and completed more than 100 overseas projects. From our quick-install modular cleanroom which combine the light weight but high strength to our modular rockwool quick install panels, we are always one step ahead of competitors.

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our more than 10 years' manufacturing and marketing experience and more than 100 finished cleanroom EPC projects, we have become a clean room total solution provider and technology upgrader, from manufacturing and marketing cleanroom panels and related products to pre-design/installation/commissioning/verification of Cleanrooms, we have built strong and special eco-system for pharmaceutical-chemical-food-electronics industries which needs perfect cleanrooms. As one of the important providers of Printing Packaging Cleanroom OEM in china, we are ready!

More than 15 years of
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of 6000 m2

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80 million yuan

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