Update:31 Mar 2023

AIR SHOWER is one of the important cleanroom equipments […]

AIR SHOWER is one of the important cleanroom equipments that are widely used in LCD and Optoelectronic Display, PCB, microelectronics, dust-free coating, aseptic packaging, medical care, pharmacy, auto glass and precision parts. It has the functions of reducing contamination, separating clean room and non-clean room, and controlling the pressure in the clean area.

Pass Box (also called Transfer Hatch or Pass-Through) is a critical cleanroom component. It helps reduce room entry and exit frequency, lowers the risk of contamination, and ensures compliance with industry safety standards.

Double Air-shower

Dynamic Pass Box is fixed between two cleanroom areas with a similar class of cleanliness, and it’s used to transfer material from a cleanroom to another cleanroom or vice-versa without contaminating the cleanroom with dirt and loose particles. A dynamic pass box has a system known as an Interlock Guard that controls the inlet and outlet of the pass box so that it cannot be opened simultaneously to prevent contamination.

Static Pass Box is fixed between two cleanroom areas that have different classes of cleanliness. It’s mainly used to transfer material from one sterile to the other sterile.

Static pass boxes are primarily fitted in manufacturing areas, and they filter the air to prevent contaminants from entering and coming out of the production environment. They have a suction filter of 0.3 microns that’s made of stainless steel and a supply filter of about 10 microns that’s made of aluminum. They also have a pressure Magnehelic gauge ranging from 0 to 25 mm of WC and a motor blower of 1/5 hp to blow out the dust particles that enter the pass box.