How to Install Cleanroom Door?

Update:24 Mar 2023

A cleanroom door is an important part of a clean room b […]

A cleanroom door is an important part of a clean room because it is responsible for sealing the controlled environment. Without this, the cleanroom could become infiltrated with germs and bacteria.

Cleanroom doors need to be built to the exact specifications that allow them to function properly. These include proper thickness and air tightness.

The right materials should be used to make the cleanroom doors, as they should withstand high levels of pressure and chemicals. Additionally, the material should be able to resist bending and cracking.

Depending on the cleanroom’s purpose, you may want to choose different doors. For example, if the cleanroom needs to be safe from exposure to harmful gases, you’ll want a door with double gasket technology and an integrated sink gasket.

PU Modular Panel

You should also look for doors that have an airtight seal when closed, which reduces exposure to dust and other particulates. This is especially true if the cleanroom is adjacent to another area that has a higher level of contamination.

Roll up doors are ideal for transporting carts and large equipment into and out of a cleanroom. These doors are also easy to mount with premium hardware, making them a good choice for laboratory cleanrooms with limited space.

If you’re looking for a cleanroom door for a specific application, Terra and Dortek offer doors in standard sizes as well as custom products to meet user requirements. Shop online or contact a cleanroom specialist for product configuration and application compliance assistance.