What are the material composition standards of the air shower room?

Update:14 Sep 2022

The main material of the air shower is generally compos […]

The main material of the air shower is generally composed of cold-rolled steel or stainless steel that is clean and dust-free. The surface of the steel plate is attached with a heat-treated epoxy resin anti-corrosion powder coating.

The 360-degree adjustable stainless steel nozzle of the air shower is durable. Compared with ordinary cold-rolled steel plates, the zinc coating on the surface provides double the corrosion and rust protection. Enhanced design aluminum door frame with tempered glass doors and windows, more durable. The air shower door is equipped with indicator light. The chassis of the air shower is made of stainless steel, which is smooth and easy to clean.

The integrated design of industrial-grade electromagnetic locks in the air shower is safe and reliable. For details, please refer to the previous article: Standard Mode of Air Shower Room in Clean Room.

The emergency pause switch is installed on both sides of the air shower, which can immediately open the inner and outer door locks in an emergency. The main circuit breaker of the air shower room is installed in the air shower area, and the staff can immediately stop the operation of the air shower room in an emergency, and open the inner and outer door locks at the same time.

The indicator lights are installed on both sides of the air shower room to supervise the orderly entry and exit of the clean room. The electronic ballast fluorescent lamp in the air shower consumes less energy than the usual magnetic ballast, and the diffuser makes the light in the air shower evenly distributed. The permanently lubricated direct-acting centrifugal fan in the air shower has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low noise, and maintenance-free.

The resettable circuit breaker in the air shower can effectively increase the electronic safety level of the fan circuit and circuit board.

All electronic components in the air shower are made up of air filters that meet the American UL standard.

The high-efficiency filter of the air shower room has a filtration efficiency of 99.99% for dust particles of 0.3 microns, which can effectively remove dust particles.

The replaceable primary filter in the air shower has an inhibition rate of 85% and a filtration efficiency of 20%, which can effectively prolong the life of the high-efficiency filter.

The main function of the air shower is to purify the dust in the air and prevent the outside polluted air source from entering the interior of the production workshop, thereby causing secondary pollution to ensure the further improvement of the product quality of the workshop.

Air shower rooms can be divided into many types according to different situations, such as:

Air shower room is also known as clean air shower room, purification air shower room, air shower room, blowing shower room, air shower door, air shower room, bath dust room, blowing shower room, air shower channel, air blowing shower room.

The air shower room can be divided into: paint air shower room, stainless steel air shower room, steel plate air shower room, outer steel plate inner stainless steel air shower room, color steel plate air shower room, outer color plate inner stainless steel air shower room;

The air shower room can be divided into: intelligent voice air shower room, automatic door air shower room, explosion-proof air shower room, and fast shutter door air shower room according to the degree of automation;

The air shower room can be divided into: people shower room, cargo shower room, air shower channel, cargo shower channel according to different objects of use.

With so many types of air showers, how do we choose the air shower we need?

When choosing an air shower, pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose the air shower room according to the number of people in the workshop.

2. According to the requirements of the products produced, such as humid environments and high-precision electronic workshops, stainless steel air showers are generally required.

3. Choose according to the material requirements of the air shower room

4. Generally, half of the qs certification is required to be made of color steel plate in a single air shower room.


The air shower room is a highly versatile local purification equipment that is used to blow off the dust attached to the surface of the human body and the carried items that enter the purification area, and at the same time can act as an air lock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area.

The air shower room has air shower series for human use and wide channel air shower series for objects; the blowing method includes single-side blowing, double-side blowing, top blowing and other combinations; the air shower door includes manual door, automatic sliding door and Various options such as interlocking. Material choices are: steel plate spray and stainless steel.

working principle:

The clean air flow filtered by the high-efficiency filter is sprayed on the person from all directions by the rotatable nozzle, thereby effectively and quickly removing dust particles. The cleaned dust particles are filtered through primary and high-efficiency filters and recirculated to the air shower area.

basic configuration:

1. Material of the air shower room: The outer box and inner wall are made of high-quality cold plate spraying or stainless steel, which has the effect of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

2. Purification level: static 1000 level.

3. Double-layer filtration system: adopts plate-type primary filter and partition-type high-efficiency filter to ensure the purification level.

4. Advanced programming circuit control, automatic infrared induction blowing.

5. Adjustable stainless steel nozzles are durable; the handle and floor of the air shower room are made of wear-resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel plates.

6. Use a dedicated fan for high air volume and low noise air shower room.

7. Various non-standard air shower sizes can be customized according to different site sizes, and the finished products can be assembled and transported.

Optional accessories:

1. Access control system, 2. Automatic door system, 3. Ultra high efficiency filter, 4. Anti-static device, 5. Self-cleaning function, 6. Door opening delay