What are the maintenance places for the air shower in the clean room?

Update:26 Aug 2022

The air shower room is the main equipment for purificat […]

The air shower room is the main equipment for purification in the clean room. The air shower room plays a very important role in the clean room. However, what should be paid attention to in the use of the air shower room and the usual maintenance of the clean room?

Air shower maintenance instructions:

1. The air shower room should regularly measure various technical indicators of the equipment, and regularly repair the electrical circuit. If there is a fault, you can refer to the electrical schematic diagram for maintenance.

2. The air shower room should periodically remove and clean the filter material in the primary air filter according to usage.

3. If it is found that the wind speed of the air shower room becomes small, first check whether the surface of the primary effect filter is black. If it is black, it means that the pre-filter contains a lot of dust, that is, the non-woven fabric in the primary air filter should be removed for cleaning. or replace.

4. When the air shower room is replaced or the non-woven fabric is cleaned, the wind speed cannot be increased, which means that the high-efficiency air filter has been blocked, and the high-efficiency air filter should be replaced.

5. When replacing the high-efficiency filter in the air shower, the spray ball plate must be removed, the high-efficiency filter must be taken out, and a new high-efficiency air filter should be replaced according to the specifications and models of the original high-efficiency filter. When installing, confirm the arrow mark on the high-efficiency filter, the arrow mark should point to the direction of airflow. And ensure a good seal to prevent leakage.

6. After the high-efficiency filter of the air shower room is replaced, it is necessary to confirm that there is no leakage in the frame, and use a dust particle counter to detect it. Only after reaching the technical indicators can it work normally.


  The health and well-being of millions depend on manufacturers’ and packagers’ ability to maintain a safe and sterile environment during production. This is why professionals in this sector are held to much stricter standards than in other industries. With such high expectations from consumers and regulatory bodies, a growing number of food companies are opting the use cleanrooms.

  Cleanrooms can be found in numerous applications throughout the food industry. Specifically, they are used in meat and dairy facilities, as well as in the processing of foods that need to be gluten and lactose-free. By creating the cleanest possible environment for production, companies can offer their customers peace of mind. Not only can they keep their products free from contamination, but they can extend shelf life and increase efficiency.

  Food cleanroom main control

  Cleanliness and differential pressure, reasonable layout of process flow, control of bacteria and dust, water supply and drainage, exhaust air and smoke, ground control, personnel, and material control, laboratory construction, process piping, decoration materials and construction specifications control, and other supporting and protection control.