The Use of Air Shower & Pass Box

Update:19 May 2023

Air shower and pass box are two important components us […]

Air shower and pass box are two important components used in controlled environments, such as cleanrooms, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities. Here is an overview of their uses:

Air Shower:
Contaminant Removal: Air showers are designed to remove particulate contaminants from personnel and equipment before they enter or exit a cleanroom or controlled environment. The air shower generates a high-velocity, filtered air stream that blows off particles from the surfaces of individuals or objects.
Cleanroom Entry/Exit: Air showers are commonly placed at the entrances or exits of cleanrooms to create an air barrier that prevents contaminants from entering or leaving the controlled area. This helps maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the cleanroom environment.
Personnel Protection: Air showers provide an additional layer of protection for personnel by removing loose particles, dust, and debris from their clothing, hair, and skin. This minimizes the introduction of contaminants into the controlled environment and reduces the risk of product contamination or compromised experiments.

Standard Passbox

Pass Box:
Material Transfer: Pass boxes are used for transferring materials, samples, or equipment between two controlled environments with different cleanliness levels or safety requirements. They provide a sealed and controlled environment for the transfer, preventing cross-contamination or the release of hazardous substances.
Containment and Safety: Pass boxes help contain potentially harmful substances or materials within a controlled environment. They are often equipped with features like interlocking doors or air flow systems to ensure proper isolation and prevent the escape of contaminants, fumes, or particles.
Workflow Efficiency: Pass boxes facilitate the efficient transfer of materials or equipment without the need for personnel to enter the adjacent controlled environment. This helps maintain the cleanliness and integrity of both environments while minimizing the disruption to ongoing processes.
Both air showers and pass boxes are critical in maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and integrity of controlled environments. They play a vital role in preventing contamination, protecting personnel, and ensuring the quality and reliability of processes and products. The specific design and features of air showers and pass boxes may vary depending on the application, cleanliness requirements, and industry standards.